I grew up on the water. Being near the water, I was able to take advantage of every available opportunity to fish. In the late sixties I began surf-casting and became addicted. Building surf-rods became my passion. I have built fishing rods for family and friends since the early seventies. I have now expanded that passion to building rods for the fishing community.

I feel fortunate that I have been part of this community for so many years. It has been very rewarding. Contributing to fishing related charitable fund raising projects is my way of showing appreciation for all that I have gained. I have donated prizes, plugs, and custom-hand made rods, for raffles for various organizations in the fishing community. Some of my prior contributions included donations to the "Korker's Cup". This is a contest held by the various Surf Clubs on Long Island to raise funds for the "Wounded Warrier Project". I have also donated to the "Send a Kid Fishing" project which affords under privileged children a fun-filled day on a party boat.


Why have a custom rod built?

A custom fishing rod is built specifically for the individual user. The rod specifications are tailored to meet your personal requirements. The individuals needs, likes, dislikes, colors, price, and preferences are discussed at the first specifications meeting. All of the users ideas and suggestions are also reviewed at the initial meeting. I recently had a customer who wanted his Family Crest on his custom rod. We were able to accommodate his request with overwhelming results. To "fit you to the rod" is a joint effort. The end result is a finely designed instrument crafted to fit your needs and taste.